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GNC Customs is a division of Gold-N-Comfort, formerly Gold Nugget, which is a family owned and operated business established in 1985. We originally sold fine jewelry for about 5 years, after which, we began to expand to brass furniture. That led to our first expansion, and with it more furniture and electronics. In 1993 there was a change in ownership at Peddlers Village, where we were (and still are) located. With that change we were given the opportunity to relocate in the same building, which we took, and had great success in the area where the Peddlers Village Auction used to reside. After a few short years in that location we relocated once again, all the while still remaining in the same building.

In the year 1995 we renamed the business to Gold-N-Comfort in order to better represent the company. We were still selling fine jewelry but we now sold home furniture and electronics. Fast forward to 2002, we built our first install bay and thus established GNC Customs. While we do still offer home furniture, we are now a full blown car audio shop.


The passion for car audio, the family values that have taught us to treat people with respect, and the creativity to take installations to another level, make GNC Customs your final destination for all your automotive aftermarket needs. From your everyday speaker replacement, rear seat entertainment packages, and remote start systems to your show car quality custom builds, GNC Customs does it all.


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General Manager

Josh Mojica



Shop manager

Jeremiah Mojica



Digital media & installation tech

Jared Mojica



fabrication & installation tech

Nathan Whetstone



installation tech

Andres Huichochea